HR Operating Models: 5 Resources

HR Effectiveness

HR leaders continue to reevaluate and evolve their HR operating model as one way of unlocking value for organizational stakeholders. This PDF offers five curated resources for HR leaders to consider as they make decisions about their HR operating model.

Resources are from AIHR, Deloitte Insights, Gartner, Josh Bersin, and The Talent Strategy Group.

The PDF includes a description of each resource and links to the source document. It helps to answer questions, such as:

  1. How are organizations structuring their HR operating models?
  2. What factors influence the choice of the HR operating model?
  3. How can one ensure an HR model is fit for purpose?
  4. How can HR operate as an integrated function?
  5. What are effective ways to communicate an HR operating model?

If you want even more resources on HR operating models, check out the PDF’s final page for how to get 5 additional resources.