Learning and Development Playlist | Multiple Resources

Talent Development

This one-page PDF includes a playlist of five resources for enabling learning and development (L&D) in an organization. These resources include:

  1.  2023 LinkedIn Learning Report. This 52-page report dives into various L&D topics, including internal mobility, upskilling/reskilling, and career development, to name a few.
  2.  The New Learning Environment by Gartner HR. This 42-page issue includes six articles dedicated to the opportunities and challenges facing the L&D function. And while this issue is focused primarily on L&D, all HR practitioners can benefit from the content as it covers areas related to the entire talent ecosystem.
  3. Intentional Learning in Practice: A 3x3x3 Approach by McKinsey. This article provides a “3x3x3 framework” that fosters intentional learning by encouraging learners to 1) define three development goals, 2) over a three-month period, 3) while engaging three other people to support them in those goals.
  4.  Executing the CEO’s Agenda Through Targeted Learning by MIT Sloan Management Review. This article offers four actions for driving targeted learning, including measuring the impact of learning initiatives.
  5.  Template for Auditing 6 Non-technological Barriers to Internal Mobility in an Organization | Brian Heger. I share a one-page editable template that provides talent practitioners with a simple way to identify if six non-technological barriers to internal mobility exist in their organizations.

The playlist has clickable links to all the source documents and a brief description of its contents. As a bonus recommendation, you should also check out one of the classic books on development published by the Center for Creative Leadership, Eighty-eight Assignments for Development in Place by Michael M. Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinger. This book is packed with developmental suggestions that are still very relevant today.