Strategic Talent Planning Worksheets | Brian Heger

Talent Management

In my 2016 article, Linking Talent Strategy with Business Strategy, I wrote about the critical importance of creating a talent strategy that aligns with and enables an organization’s business strategy. While the concept of linking the two may seem straightforward, the execution is often challenging. However, engaging in meaningful discussions with key stakeholders and asking pertinent questions can facilitate this connection, allowing HR leaders and their teams to articulate their talent strategy, identify desired talent outcomes, devise tactics for achievement, and establish measures for impact evaluation. To assist in this process, I am sharing three worksheets designed to guide teams in thinking through various aspects of their organization’s business and talent strategy. These worksheets cover

  1. Business Strategy, which sets the business context by addressing the overall vision, business objectives, and potential scenarios, to name a few.
  2. Talent Needs, exploring required capabilities and the roles and skills essential for executing the business strategy, etc.
  3. Talent Actions, establishing diverse tactics (e.g., build, buy, borrow, bot) to address talent gaps.

Connecting talent strategy and business strategy can be approached in various ways, and this set of worksheets is just one tool that might prove effective. Feel free to use it if you feel it can support your efforts.