Supercharge Your Employee Listening Strategy White Paper | i4cp

Leadership & Culture

Most organizations collect employee feedback to understand employees’ opinions, concerns, and needs. And while the annual employee engagement survey is still used to solicit feedback in many organizations, most acknowledge that they need more than surveys to understand employee sentiment. As such, firms are increasingly using a multi-pronged approach to receiving, processing, and responding to real-time employee feedback. This 18-page paper by i4cp (requires you to provide some information to i4cp for access) provides ideas for building a high-impact employee listening strategy. It includes a section that identifies five sources of employee listening that organizations often overlook or undervalue, including 1) comments on public employer review websites, 2) existing engagement and culture survey data, 3) exit surveys, 4) ongoing pulses or check-in surveys, and 5) reactions to CEO communications, town halls, and more. Regarding #1 (comments on public employer review websites) and #2 (existing engagement and culture survey data), organizations can use Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines to scale their ability to analyze and understand narrative employee reviews without conducting a new survey. The paper also includes an employee listening integration diagnostic to help organizations identify underutilized opportunities for employee listening. For more ideas on employee listening, check out the book: Employee Surveys and Sensing: Challenges and Opportunities (The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Professional Practice Series).