Webinar: How to Create a Talent Strategy | The Talent Strategy Group

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In my 2016 article, Linking Talent Strategy With Business Strategy, I mentioned that if you ask HR practitioners to articulate their company’s talent strategy, the answers might sound more like a list of talent processes, programs, and practices versus a strategy. And while these components enable a talent strategy, they are not a talent strategy by themselves. As HR practitioners help their organizations develop and/or refine their talent strategy, this 30-minute webinar by Marc Effron of the Talent Strategy Group provides four steps. They include: 1) Identify your strategic drivers – what are the few significant outcomes you want to promise and that the business would care about?, 2) Identify the key activities that will deliver each strategic promise – exactly how will you make these outcomes happen? 3) Determine the resources needed – what will it cost (dollars, people, etc.) to deliver on the plan? 4) Bullet-proof the talent strategy by thinking through and asking – what obstacles will you face in implementing the strategy, and how will you overcome them? Marc walks through how to execute each of these steps—which works best over a 2-day in-person meeting and where the meeting outcome is to develop a draft talent strategy that can be socialized with important constituents. As a bonus resource, Marc’s article, How to Create a Talent Strategy, addresses a few of the insights covered in the webinar.