2022 Global Culture Report | O.C. Tanner Institute

Leadership & Culture

This 174-page report provides a detailed analysis of workplace culture, employee engagement, and employee experience issues from the perspectives of 38,000 employees from 21 countries. The report is full of statistics, including Figure 1 on page 5, showing scores of almost all six essential elements that define thriving cultures fell year after year. These elements relate to an employee’s sense of: purpose, opportunity, success, appreciation, and leadership. The one area that increased is a sense of well-being, which shifted six percentage points to 59%. The average engagement score is down 18 percentage points (52%) from the previous year. Beginning on page 52, the report includes five distinct employee personas to segment engagement and employee experience strategies: Socializer, Tasker, Builder, Coaster, and Achiever. Each of these personas has a different probability of being engaged and is affected by different forms of recognition and connection. For example, for the “often-introverted Tasker, public praise has a negative effect, but eCards and monetary eCards increase connection. For Builders, any form of recognition builds connection.” There are several other insights in the report, including cultural factors that enable effective hybrid work environments.

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