A Five-Step Guide to Improving Your Employer Brand | MIT Sloan Management Review

Talent Acquisition

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This new article presents a five-step process for developing a superior employer brand, drawing insights from leading global employers. It highlights the significance of employer branding, likening it to consumer branding, but without the equivalent depth of interest and research. The five steps include: 1) Identify the Talent You Need to Succeed, 2) Tune In to Talent Preferences and Perceptions, 3) Define Your Employer Proposition, 4) Communicate Your Employer Brand, and 5) Keep Your Promises. Regarding step 2, one point emphasized is identifying areas of strength and weakness of an organization’s employment brand in relation to its competition. While this will include some of the leading companies in an organization’s industry, it is also likely to include businesses from other sectors—something that often gets overlooked. Given that the first step (identify the talent you need to succeed) of the five-step process discusses the importance of identifying critical talent segments, I am resharing my template on critical role identification. It allows an organization to list 4 to 5 strategic capabilities vital to its business strategy and then evaluate roles against them.