2024 Mercer’s Global Talent Trends Report | Mercer

Workforce Trends

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Mercer’s new 2024 Global Talent Trends report shares insights from over 12,200 C-suite executives, HR leaders, employees, and investors across 17 geographies and 16 industries. This comprehensive 68-page report explores various topics, including worker preferences, productivity, and AI in the workplace.

One particularly notable insight is the responses collected from employees when asked about factors hindering their productivity at work. As illustrated in Figure 6 on page 8, the top two primary concerns were “too much busy work—tasks that lack value” and “too many interruptions/not enough thinking time.”

To address these challenges, I suggest that leaders and teams pose several questions at their next team meeting:

  1. Which work tasks should we stop immediately due to their lack of value relative to organizational priorities?
  2. How are our “ways of working,” such as excessive decision-making meetings, negatively impacting our performance, productivity, and ability to engage in “deep work?”
  3. For crucial tasks supporting our priorities, where can we leverage AI to enhance efficiency and effectiveness?

By addressing these initial questions, organizations can begin to identify strategies to mitigate factors detracting from employee productivity and well-being.

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