AI Unlocks New Power for Employees: Are HR Leaders Ready? | MIT Sloan Management Review

HR Effectiveness

New research from i4cp examining AI’s impact on HR shows that the majority of organizations are still in the early stages of experimenting with AI tools, adopting a ‘watch and wait’ approach. This group of organizations, termed AI Enquirers (one of three archetypes), primarily focuses on researching Gen AI while waiting for other organizations—known as AI Innovators—to implement, test, and share their Gen AI learnings and practices. As HR teams unlock Gen AI’s potential through innovative ideas and solutions, Josh Bersin’s new article highlights ideas for how HR can embrace this challenge. Josh mentions: “HR professionals have the opportunity to take the lead in this new era, but only if they step up to the challenge. HR leaders must learn about these AI tools and prepare to integrate them with their experience in organization design, training, rewards, and leadership. They will have to be willing to experiment and develop a deeper armory of skills.” He adds:Sound like a lot to handle? To me, our field has no choice. The AI wave has arrived. If we all lean in and learn, we can thrive in the new AI-powered era.” As we ‘lean in and learn,’ check out Josh’s other new article on how organizations are utilizing hackathon-like competitions to ideate and test AI use cases (e.g., CocaCola’s “promptathon,” where 20 different functional groups experimented with ChatGPT to develop winning use cases).