Documentary: Future of Work: Changing Work, Changing Workers: Episode 3 | PBS

Podcast | Webinar Workforce Trends

As work, the workplace, and workers continue to undergo profound changes, PBS has produced an excellent three-part broadcast series exploring the long-term impact of these changes on workers, employers, educators, and communities. This Episode 3, which aired on September 15, 2021, is almost an hour and touches on topics such as how companies are rethinking the need and purpose of offices, how offices are being redesigned to fit a specific purpose, and how the traditional 9 to 5 workplace continues to lose relevance, especially considering remote work. This episode also touches on how many women continue to leave the workforce—a phenomenon that some are calling a “she-cession.” If you enjoy well-produced documentaries, you will probably enjoy this series. You will also be able to access the other two episodes through the provided link.

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