Future of Work: 2021 and Beyond | Aon and Business Insider Report

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Aon, in association with Business Insider, just released the ‘Future of Work: 2021 & Beyond’ report to dig deeper into how firms can continue to prepare and adjust to the changing nature of work, workplace, and workforce. This 36-page report touches on topics such as workforce planning, upskilling and reskilling, and ESG metrics for executive pay, to name a few. Page 5 includes a set of questions that firms can answer as they develop aspects of their workforce strategy: 1) Who should work from the office? 2) Do we still need a 5-day/40 hours work week? 3) How can business leaders identify ways to save money while enhancing workforce agility and resilience? 4) How can businesses improve mobility and equip business leaders with much-needed digital leadership capabilities? 5) How receptive is the workforce to change and ambiguity in an evolving journey? Figure 1 on page 22 shows the nine workforce-related activities firms are re-evaluating in light of the pandemic. Perhaps not surprisingly, is that a) employee wellbeing (physical, emotional, social, financial, and work/life balance, b) remote work, c) Flexible work schedules, and d) manager/leadership training top the list. Other ideas are discussed. 

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