Harnessing Organization Network Analysis (ONA): Measure Workforce Performance and Optimize Strategies | Deloitte Blog Capital H

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This new article shares ideas on how Organization Network Analysis (ONA) can help leaders understand aspects of organizational performance and productivity and use the resulting insights to inform workplace strategies. ONA uses network science to visualize and analyze organizational communication flows, uncovering hidden patterns of collaboration, decision-making, and influence that traditional organizational charts don’t depict. While quantifiable key performance indicators are useful for understanding workforce performance, they don’t capture the complete picture; ONA helps fill in the gaps. The table (illustrated in this post) shows how ONA can help leaders understand aspects of performance and productivity, ranging from the percentage of workers in long meetings weekly to the percentage of time spent on administrative tasks. Additionally, although not directly referenced in the article, ONA can potentially help organizations identify “hidden” high-potentials—informal leaders with significant influence who are often undetected through other high-potential assessment methods. As a bonus, I am resharing this MIT Sloan Management Review article that shows how ONA is being used to inform return-to-office strategies.