How to Create a Transformation That Lasts | BCG

Leadership & Culture

I have been receiving an increasing number of resource requests on the topic of strategies and tactics for successful organizational transformations. With numerous organizations undergoing various types of transformations and a reported 70% failure rate of organizational transformation efforts in general, many practitioners and business leaders are actively seeking ideas and practices to enhance the likelihood of achieving their organizations’ transformation goals. This new and comprehensive BCG article offers diverse ideas on enabling organizational transformation initiatives. The article underscores the common tendency of organizations to focus heavily or solely on the strategy and expected value delivery in a transformation. While concentrating on value delivery is crucial (the “what”), the article highlights the equal importance of addressing changes in people’s behavior and mindset (the “how”). The article discusses how the success of transformation efforts can be increased by up to 50% when managed through a transformation office (TO)—which acts as a nerve center coordinating many workstreams, timelines, and priorities. Ideas are provided for establishing and implementing a TO. There is also a section on how culture and change management work can be deployed to bring the “how” of the transformation to life through specific activities that encourage and reinforce behavioral change.