How Work Preferences Are Shifting in the Age of GenAI | BCG

Workforce Trends

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This new report from BCG delves into global trends in workers’ preferred ways of working, marking BCG’s fourth study on the topic since 2014. Based on responses from 150,735 workers across 188 countries, the study covers various topics, including job seekers’ negotiating power, employee expectations of employers, worker job values and preferences, potential deal breakers in job offers, and using GenAI in the workplace. One finding is that nearly 70% of European respondents would turn down an attractive job offer if they had a negative recruitment experience, such as discriminatory questions or poor rapport with the interviewer—a sentiment echoed by about 60% of respondents in Latin America and the Caribbean. These findings highlight the importance of the candidate experience. Additionally, the lack of mental health or well-being support is a significant deal breaker for job seekers, particularly in Asia-Pacific and sub-Saharan Africa. The report also highlights a shift in preference toward job security (see post image), which is now the top work preference globally, varying by region. While this dataset is valuable, it is advisable to consider it alongside other resources for a more comprehensive understanding of these trends.