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Workforce Trends

This new report identifies 10 “calls to action” (CTAs) for how human resources practitioners can help their organizations pivot to an AI-driven culture. The CTAs range from collaborating on AI strategies that foster a culture of responsible AI to helping managers serve as ambassadors for change. As HR leaders and their teams identify opportunities for implementing various CTAs, I am resharing three other resources for integrating AI into the workplace. An Oliver Wyman Forum analysis showing how GenAI’s impact on productivity is likely to occur in three phases: Individual Benefit (Time horizon: 1 year; Productivity Benefit: Low), Scaling Up (Time horizon: 1-5 yrs; Productivity Benefit: Medium), and Workplace Maturity (Time horizon: 6-10 yrs; Productivity Benefit: High. A Deloitte AI Institute report, which includes a framework for determining which work tasks are best performed by a) AI, b) humans with the help of AI, and c) humans by themselves. An Accenture report, which includes a framework for categorizing four types of impacts that AI can have on jobs and work tasks.