HR Operating Model Playlist | Multiple Resources

HR Effectiveness

As HR leaders continue to reevaluate and evolve their HR operating models to deliver new forms of value, this one-page playlist includes five articles and resources to consider. The link in the first column will take you directly to the full resource. The second column summarizes the article’s focus. For example, Dave Ulrich and his colleagues in the RBL Group share various factors that can influence HR operating model decisions, such as the stakeholders the HR organization serves and the 10 factors that enable HR to deliver value to stakeholders. Marc Effron of The Talent Strategy Group provides five questions that help inform the answers to HR operating model decisions. Sample questions include: What do we do, and why do we do it? What are our guiding principles to operationalize HR? How will we know if we’re successfully executing the HR Operating Model? Josh Bersin addresses how the HR function needs to be organized as an integrated operating system that focuses on “problems to be solved” rather than a set of “services” or “offerings” or “programs.” This HR operating system needs to be enabled by “full stack” HR professionals who are deep in one domain but also have wide expertise in the other domains of HR. And Gartner offers ideas on shifting operational HR activities to a Shared Services organization, while McKinsey provides insights on five HR operating models and how they align with eight different innovation shifts an organization may experience. These resources can help HR leaders identify opportunities for strengthening their HR operating model and unlocking value for organizational stakeholders.