Human Capital Disclosure Rules: Getting Your Company Ready (Updated) | PWC

HR Effectiveness

I have shared various posts on the Security Exchange Commission’s (SEC) new human capital disclosure requirements designed for firms to give stakeholders insight into human capital. A few of these resources include: 1) a webinar by Mercer, 2) an article from Visier, 3) an article by Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance, which examined the HCM themes of the first fifty 10-Ks filed, 4) a report by The Conference Board,  and 5) PwC’s Accounting PodcastNew SEC Human Capital Disclosure Rules: What You Need to Know Now. Here is an updated report by PwC that can help firms evaluate which objectives or measures to disclose to comply with the principles-based requirements and meet investor and regulator expectations. Among the various insights are 11 human capital areas that firms can report on, including the number of employees in wellbeing programs, revenue or profit per employee, and total workforce costs/labor costs per FTE, to name a few. Since firms may face challenges in obtaining, analyzing, and reporting on the data, the resource includes a chart on how firms can overcome a few of these challenges.

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