It’s Time to Re-Onboard Everyone | Harvard Business Review

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In May 2021, I shared an article by Gallup titled; The Workforce Has Changed: Ensure Your Employees Are Prepared. The article highlighted how firms—when fully bringing workers back to the office— would need to recalibrate five drivers of their organizational culture to align with the new way of getting work done. And as the Delta variant continues to further delay many firms’ return to the office, the need for re-onboarding workers is even more acute. This new HBR article presents five steps firms should take to re-onboard all employees. It notes how even long-time employees will need to be re-onboarded as many of them feel like new employees because of the number and magnitude of changes. One of the recommendations is to re-set clear cultural expectations, which starts by asking questions such as a) How can we ensure teammates who aren’t in the office still have a voice? b) How will we track progress and update each other throughout the week? c) How do we each prefer to receive feedback? Developing and executing a firm’s re-onboarding strategy can be one of the most critical components of its return to office strategy. What are the 4-5 most vital aspects of your firm’s re-onboarding plan?  This might be a good topic to discuss at your next team meeting.

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