Leadership Development Is Failing Us. Here’s How to Fix It | MIT Sloan Management Review

Leadership & Culture

Many organizations incorporate leadership development programs as a critical component of their leadership development strategy. However, as organizations find ways to maximize their talent investments, proving the tangible return on investment for these programs has grown increasingly essential. This article highlights the limitations of current leadership development programs and underscores the need for a more evidence-based and results-focused approach. The authors emphasize the necessity for buyers of leadership programs (or developers of in-house programs) to ask better questions when determining the program’s vision, learning, and impact. The image of this post shows examples of what organizations are probably asking versus what they should be asking. The article delves into each of these questions in more detail. As a bonus, this article by Heidrick & Struggles offers five key success factors for an evidence-based approach to measuring the impact of leadership development and learning programs. The second factor— defining success in tangible terms—suggests starting with questions such as: What business problem(s) are we trying to address? How can learning assist? What business outcome(s) are we seeking to achieve? Which business key performance indicators (KPIs) should we target? When can we expect to see significant movement in these KPIs?