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There is no shortage of reports or articles that have been written about the multi-generational workforce. And while the number of generations in the workforce may vary slightly depending on the report, the bulk of today’s workforce is represented by 4 cohorts: 1) Millennials – 40% of the workforce and current ages 23-38, 2) Generation X – 33% of the workforce and current ages of 39-54, 3) BabyBoomers – 15% of the workforce and current ages 55-73, 4) GenerationZ – 10% of the workforce and current ages of 7-22. These reports generally point out how each generation has its own communication style, work values, skills, things they like/dislike. In this article, 8 myths about these generations are challenged: (i.e. Myth: Millennials and Gen Zers are more driven by purpose than earlier generations. Fact: Boomers are actually more likely to call purpose a priority than any of the younger cohorts) or (Myth: Millennials are job-hoppers. Fact: When adjusted for age, Millennial workers were just as likely to stay at their jobs as their counterparts in Gen X had been when they were in their 20s). Debunking these myths can unlock the potential of each generation while minimizing stereotypes that lead to misinformed, poor talent decisions.

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