Research: On-Site, Remote or Hybrid: Employee Sentiment On The Workplace | ADP Research Institute

Workforce Trends

This 35-page report compares worker perceptions of the benefits and challenges of three work arrangements (onsite, remote, and hybrid) they continue to experience during the pandemic. The report is based on survey results from over 9,000 full-time U.S. workers who work on a team and have not switched employers throughout the crisis. This report has many insights, including 1) Onsite workers say they have a shorter workday (on average, one hour less) with a cleaner break between work and home. 2) Two in 5 parents working remotely say their workday has extended beyond “normal hours” as compared to roughly 1 in 4 onsite parents. 3) Concerning hiring and awarding promotions, 57% of employees (non-managers) surveyed think their managers prefer onsite employees over remote workers; managers themselves share this perception (59%). This statistic points to a challenge I mentioned in another post on proximity bias (PB)—an incorrect assumption that workers in close physical proximity to their team and company leaders will be perceived as better workers than their remote counterparts. Given the rise of remote and hybrid work, firms should build manager capability in mitigating PB when making talent decisions.

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