Unleashing The Power of Assessments for Leaders and Their Organizations | IHRIM

Talent Management

Few would dispute that an organization’s ability to identify and develop future leaders better and faster than its competitors can provide an advantage. Just as speed-to-market with a product enables an organization to get ahead of the competition, a steady pipeline of leaders, ready to respond to future challenges and opportunities, provides a competitive edge. Despite significant investments in leadership assessments and development programs, doubts persist regarding their return on investment. In this article, Allan Church, James Scrivani, and Markus Graf share three main reasons why standard “out of the box” leadership assessment approaches often fall short. 1) Lack of Future Focus and Cultural Relevance: Generic models of leadership are less effective for building the specific capabilities needed for an organization’s future success. 2) Over-reliance on Specific Methods or Tools: Using a single method or tool limits the depth and applicability of the insights gained. 3) Under-leveraging the Insights from the Data: Organizations often fail to maximize the value of the data collected from assessments. The article shares tactics for overcoming these three challenges. Regarding challenge 1 (identifying specific, non-generic leadership capabilities), I am resharing my 2016 article, Identifying Leadership Capabilities that Drive Business Performance, to help organizations think through the specific leadership capabilities most relevant to their success and distinct strategy and culture.