Well-being: A New Cornerstone for ESG Strategy and Reporting |Deloitte

Leadership & Culture

This new whitepaper offers insights into how firms can take an integrated approach to employee wellbeing. The paper expands on Deloitte’s work, the workforce, and the workplace model. It uses these three components as the lens for deploying wellbeing efforts at the organizational level. 1) The Work component focuses on integrating wellbeing into work design. Examples include: using technology to promote collaboration, systems for collecting and communicating feedback, and giving workers autonomy in how they do their work. 2) The Workforce component seeks to provide the right mix of benefits, programs, and policies that support workforce wellbeing. Examples include: enhanced return-to-work programs, corporate purpose, and psychological benefits. 3) The Workplace aspect focuses on providing access to physical spaces and remote work policies designed for people’s wellbeing (e.g., air, light, and sound quality; remote work support.) Table 1 on p.15 provides a framework of these three components and their underlying wellbeing components. Firms can use this framework to organize their wellbeing efforts and establish accountability and transparency in support of employee wellness.

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