Women in the Workplace Playlist | Multiple Resources

Workforce Trends

Last week, I shared the newly released 2023 Women in the Workplace report by Lean In and McKinsey, which marked the ninth annual and most extensive study on women in corporate America. In response to multiple requests for additional resources on women in the workplace, I’ve curated a playlist of five resources. Aside from the aforementioned Lean In and McKinsey report, other resources on the playlist include:

  • Women at Work: A Global Outlook 2023 Report by Deloitte. This report highlights a few positive developments reported by many working women: reduced burnout rates, declining non-inclusive behaviors, and improved hybrid work experiences. However, these challenges persist for many, and some factors have worsened.
  • Women in Leadership: Why Perception Outpaces the Pipeline—and What to Do About It by IBM Institute for Business Value report, revealing that gender parity remains elusive despite the feeling of progress.
  • Women Are Stalling Out On the Way to The Top by MIT Sloan Management Review offers insights from a career history analysis of executives in Fortune 100 companies, showing that women tend to remain in support functions rather than key operating roles.
  • Opening Access to The Fast Track for Career Equity by MIT Sloan Management Review. This article identifies four factors, beyond bias and discrimination, that contribute to or hinder the career progression and pay equity of women and people of color.

These resources collectively provide a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities women face in the workplace.