Women@Work 2024 Report | Deloitte

Workforce Trends

This 49-page report presents findings from Deloitte’s fourth annual survey on women in the workplace, gathering feedback from approximately 5,000 women across 10 countries. It examines critical workplace and societal factors impacting women’s careers. Key highlights include insights on mental health, revealing that two-thirds of women feel uncomfortable discussing mental health at work or disclosing it as the reason for time off. Many women surveyed express concerns about discrimination or layoffs, with one in 10 reporting negative experiences discussing mental health at work. On flexibility and work/life balance, only one in 10 feel they can openly discuss the need for greater work flexibility. Additionally, nearly all women surveyed (95%) believe that requesting or utilizing flexible working opportunities affects their promotion prospects. These findings underscore the importance of leaders fostering cultures of psychological safety in which individuals don’t feel penalized for requesting or participating in flexible work arrangements. Regarding psychological safety, this bonus HBR article includes Amy Edmondson’s 7-item questionnaire to assess the perception of psychological safety within teams and organizations. One of the statements is: “Members of this team are able to bring up problems and tough issues.” The questions give leaders a practical tool for assessing and enhancing psychological safety in their teams. Could this be a potential topic of discussion at your next team meeting?