2021 State of the Global Workplace Report | Gallup

Workforce Trends

As noted in my article, 2021 HR Trends and Priorities: A Summarized View of 9 Sources, employee/worker well-being (EWB) is a priority for many organizations. And as employers rethink how they can support EWB, this 116-report by Gallup provides insights into the experiences and range of emotions that workers have experienced throughout the pandemic. The report segments these insights into eleven regions, such as the US, Canada, and Western Europe. One point made is “engagement reflects what happens at work; wellbeing includes work and all other experiences.” As noted on page 17, these EWB experiences link to five areas. 1) Career Wellbeing: you like what you do every day; 2) Social Wellbeing: you have meaningful friendships in your life. 3) Financial Wellbeing: you manage your money well. 4) Physical Wellbeing: You have the energy to get things done. 5) Community Wellbeing: You like where you live. Employers can use this framework and the other ideas in this report as they generate EWB strategies. You can check out the book Wellbeing at Work by Jim Clifton and Jim Harter (both of Gallup), which expands on many of the ideas in this report.

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