A Field Guide for Human Capital Decision Intelligence | Deloitte

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The use of data and analytics to make better talent and human capital decisions is a strategic objective in many organizations. However, firms vary in their ability to translate data intelligence into meaningful actions impacting business outcomes. This 32-page paper provides ideas on how firms can move from insights to significant action on their work, workforce, and workplace challenges. It covers obstacles to using data intelligence, how to identify data that truly matter, and guidelines for taking action. Figure 3 on page 17 provides examples of twelve questions that leaders can ask to anticipate future talent needs and risks. A few examples include: Human capital brand: How are our culture, workforce, and leadership portrayed externally? Future leader readiness: What new trends, challenges, and scenarios are leaders being prepared for? How many of our leaders have the attributes required to succeed? Page 20 begins a section on how firms can translate the answers to these types of questions into meaningful actions. For additional bonus resources, check out: 1) SAP Thought Leadership paper that includes 100 questions (spanning eight talent categories) to help firms think critically about their talent management issues and 2) McBassi & Company paper that includes an additional 100 questions. Firms can use these resources to select and answer a few questions that enable business strategy execution.

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