Can You Answer These 6 Questions Related to Your Organization’s Strategic Workforce Planning? | Brian Heger

Workforce Planning

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Strategic workforce planning (SWP) remains a priority for many organizations, yet practitioners still struggle to implement it effectively. One reason for this challenge is the overwhelming nature of deciding where to begin. In such instances, simple frameworks can provide invaluable guidance.

This one-page visual comprises six key questions to steer SWP efforts:

  1. Strategy. What is our strategic focus?
  2. Capabilities. What strategic capabilities are most vital to strategy execution?
  3. Roles and Skills. What roles and skills disproportionately enable these capabilities?
  4. Supply and Demand. What is the supply and demand risk for these roles and skills?
  5. Gaps. Which role and skill gaps present the greatest risks? 
  6. Actions. What actions do we take in roles and skills with the greatest risks (e.g., buy, build, borrow, automate, etc?).

While SWP entails addressing more questions than these six (e.g., how do workforce plans need to shift for different business scenarios?), you can use this framework as a starting point for determining the questions you want your SWP to answer. I have included a copy of my slide in PowerPoint so you can modify it as you see fit. For more on strategic capabilities, you can check out my 2016 article, Linking Talent Strategy with Business Strategy.