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Workforce Trends

LinkedIn has launched the first edition of the Future of Talent Report to determine how the future of work has changed. It is based on feedback from over 3,500 respondents across seven markets in the Asia-Pacific region. It explores the shifting role that Human Resource teams will play in organizations, how organizations will plan, hire, develop and engage their talent, and how employer branding will help organizations attract and keep their best people. According to the report, upskilling will be core to many firms’ talent strategies, and trends such as internal mobility, data-led hiring decisions, and improving employee experience will be a core focus in 2021. A few findings include that firms are more receptive to filling open positions internally, allow more employees to work remotely, and place more emphasis on hiring candidates with the right skills rather than adhering to traditional qualifications such as education or experience. Also, 64 percent of companies surveyed are open to hiring talent from other industries. These and other findings in the report suggest that firms are creating opportunities to leverage their internal talent when filling talent needs. It also indicates they might be getting better at eliminating or reducing less relevant criteria from their hiring and selection decisions. In what other ways are you adjusting your selection and talent placement criteria to cast a wider net of talent?

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