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People Analytics

Although companies are leveraging people analytics (PA) in areas such as performance, retention, strategic workforce planning, identifying skills gaps, and evaluating the effectiveness of recruiting channels, to name a few, there is more opportunity for utilizing PA to drive practices related to change, culture, and transformation. Last week I made a post based on an article by the Boston Consulting Group that illustrated ways that PA can be used to drive successful change, including behaviors and ways of working. As a supplement to that article, this additional AIHR article provides a perspective on capturing the right data to hypothesize, experiment, measure, and generate insights that help drive change. Figure 1 illustrates a model of how various components of data such as 1. Communication Data (e.g., Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc,) 2. HR and Org Data (e.g. Workday, Taleo, etc.), 3) Collaboration Data (e.g. Grithub), and 4) Survey Data can be used with data mining techniques, Organizational Network Analysis and Natural Language Processing to gather insights to manage various aspects of change and transformation. Other ideas and resources are provided, including web links to related resources.

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