The Role Of Generative AI In HR Is Now Becoming Clear | Josh Bersin

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Generative AI (GenAI) is poised to unlock capacity within the HR function. A recent BCG analysis I shared revealed GenAI’s potential to boost HR productivity by up to 30%. To effectively harness GenAI’s capabilities, HR leaders and their teams can benefit from the insights in this new article by Josh Bersin. One point Josh emphasizes is the importance of first identifying specific problems that HR wants to solve rather than hastily adopting GenAI technology. This approach enables teams to think through, refine, and prioritize their requirements, which can help pinpoint opportunities for how GenAI can help solve problems and deliver value. In conversations and social media discussions about GenAI in HR, I have observed a segment of opinions fall into two extremes: some oversimplify GenAI’s benefits as plug-and-play solutions, while others overemphasize pitfalls and risks and downplay its advantages. Nevertheless, most practitioners fall somewhere in the middle and acknowledge the need for thoughtful planning and execution to reap GenAI’s benefits. As Josh notes, “this entire domain is both over-hyped and under-estimated.” Starting with small-scale initiatives, involving IT teams, and getting hands-on experience, as he suggests, will unveil remarkable business benefits in the various HR use cases of GenAI. To complement this article, you can explore i4cp’s summary of a discussion with 70 HR leaders on how they are experimenting with GenAI and thinking about using it in the future. And as a bonus, here is my playlist of 5 resources on AI in HR.