This Time It’s Personal: Shaping the ‘New Possible’ Through Employee Experience | McKinsey

Leadership & Culture

The past 20 months have brought significant shifts in how, when, and where work gets done. These changes have led workers to recalibrate their personal preferences and expectations of their employers. And with a general shift in power dynamics from employers to employees taking place, many workers are more discerning consumers of an organization’s employment value proposition (EVP) and employee experience (EX). As employers determine how best to respond, this article provides ideas on how companies can craft an EX to attract, retain and engage the best talent. It starts with the premise that the EX considers what people value in the broadest sense, acknowledging how life stage, personal circumstances, and even personality type make different propositions attractive for different people. As shown in Exhibit 1, an EX framework is offered and includes three core areas of EXsocial, work, and organization. Each of the core components comprises three elements—creating 9 EX elements for firms to get right; they range from work control and flexibility to purpose. The authors offer ideas on using design thinking to identify the moments that matter, which create a disproportionate uplift in EX. And while these moments will vary by organization, Exhibit 3 includes an example of nine moments across most firms.

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