7 Resources on Succession Planning and High-Potential Identification | Multiple Sources

Talent Management

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As I continue to receive requests for resources on succession planning (SP) and high-potential identification, I am resharing the following resources:

  1. Succession Planning (SP) Metrics Tracking Template. This one-page editable PDF includes 10 sample metrics (choose a few) to measure SP effectiveness. The examples are intended to generate ideas, do not represent an exhaustive list, and may not be the right metrics for your organization. Use them as a starting point for determining the vital few measures (whether or not on this list) that will help you gauge the effectiveness of your SP.
  2. 11 Succession Planning Questions Template.  This one-page template includes a sample of 11 SP questions that can help organizations think through various aspects of their SP practices. The questions do not represent an exhaustive list but provide a foundation to build on. Sample questions include: What is the purpose of our SP? Do we focus on roles at certain levels, critical roles regardless of level, or something else?
  3. High Potential Identification Playlist. These 5 resources from Allan Church, Rob Silzer, and Marc Effron help answer questions such as: What are the indicators of potential? Should we change how we define and measure potential to align with the changing nature of work and the workplace? Are there different types of potential? What are examples of how high-potential employees can go undetected?

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