How to Scale Advanced Analytics in Corporate Functions—Including HR | McKinsey

People Analytics

This article provides insights into which corporate functions—including HR — are using analytics to make better decisions. It also addresses which factors increase the chances of successfully introducing advanced analytics in corporate functions. As shown in exhibit 2, HR is bringing analytics to bear on issues such as workforce planning, candidate screening, and talent attraction. As HR organizations further evaluate where they are on the people analytics maturity curve, here is a bonus article by Visier that provides a few questions. Sample questions include: 1) Do you react to questions from the business and give basic responses about diversity data, time and attendance, and headcount stats? 2) Does your organization do regular reporting on workforce statistics, such as turnover, time to hire, and reward benchmarks? 3) Are you managing and analyzing both business and people data to find correlations, trends, causes, and insight day-to-day to drive value in both HR and the business? 4) Are you integrating systems into your ‘data lake’ and starting to make predictions that are helping to inform the strategy of the whole organization? Both resources can help HR leaders identify opportunities to strengthen their organizations’ people analytics capabilities.