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Implementing new HR technology is a challenging initiative for HR teams, involving significant investment in people, time, and money. These high-stakes implementations often face complexities despite the ‘plug and play’ narrative often portrayed. According to a February 2024 Gartner survey of 86 HR leaders, only 35% are confident their HR technology strategy is helping achieve business objectives. To bridge this gap, HR teams need to anticipate potential HR tech implementation issues and plan effective responses; one effective strategy is asking and answering the right questions. In this context, Michael Kannisto, Ph.D., has developed a one-page cheat sheet with 33 questions to complement an organization’s current RFP and implementation plans for HR tech. Presented during his keynote at the 2024 HR Tech Conference Online, sample questions include: What problems do people think will be solved by this implementation? Who might end up with extra work when this is implemented? Have we set metrics to evaluate operational and vendor performance? How might our processes change after implementing this tool? By carefully planning with these questions and collaborating with the right tech partner, organizations can significantly enhance the likelihood of HR technology meeting its intended business outcomes.