Podcast: How Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) Contributes to Business Success | Digital HR Leaders Podcast

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Many leaders recognize the critical role of strategic workforce planning (SWP) in executing organizational strategy. Yet, SWP practitioners continue to face challenges in implementing SWP in their firms. I covered a few of these challenges in my 2019 People + Strategy article on SWP,  such as making SWP too complex to be practically executed. As SWP practitioners continue to overcome challenges to workforce planning in their organizations, this recent podcast from the Digital HR Leader’s Podcast with David Green provides several ideas. In this 49-minute discussion, David interviews Alicia Roach—Founder and CEO of eQ8—and covers topics such as: 1) best practices and common pitfalls HR can avoid in setting up SWP for success, 2) common misconceptions of SWP, and 3) the importance of focusing on your organization’s unique SWP challenges, to name a few. One of the mentioned challenges for organizations to overcome is getting comfortable with the “directional nature of SWP” and avoiding the tendency to want “perfect data, a precise forecast, or trying to predict the future with 100% accuracy.” Other ideas are discussed. You can also check out another of David’s recent video podcasts on SWP, How MetLife Made a Success of their Strategic Workforce Planning (interview with Laura Shubert).