Podcast: The HR Tech Market Is Going Crazy: What To Look For In 2023 | Josh Bersin

HR Technology Podcast | Webinar

During last week’s HR Technology Conference and Exposition, many HR practitioners learned about the latest technology changing all facets of HR and talent management (see agenda). In his keynote address entitled, “The Disruption Never Stops: What’s New and What’s Ahead in the HR Tech Market,” Josh Bersin summarized the HR tech landscape and untangled this complex, ever-evolving HR tech market. For those who couldn’t attend/listen to Josh’s keynote, here is a 31-minute podcast Josh published two weeks before the conference. In the podcast, Josh covers some key themes he discussed at last week’s keynote, including 1) The Next Gen HCM market, 2) Growth and disappointments in SkillsTech, 3) The emergence of Talent Intelligence, 4) Incredible growth and consolidation in Recruiting Tech, 5) Category creation of Talent Marketplace, 6) New world of corporate learning and the role of the Metaverse, Capability Academies, 7) Why the Creator Market will disrupt L&D, 8) A new world of People Analytics and Employee Listening, 9) The six things you have to know to manage HR Tech well. While there are too many points to summarize, one thing Josh mentioned is that the most successful tech implementations were not tech projects but business transformation projects aimed at the employee, not HR. He also mentioned how the average number of employee tech applications in large organizations has increased by 20% this past year. As organizations move away from having “many smaller employee tech apps” to wanting bigger platforms that integrate many capabilities, Josh mentions how there will be more consolidation in the HR tech vendor community.