Talent Edge Weekly – Issue 212


This issue covers filling competitive roles without surpassing pay guidelines, using GenAI to support scenario planning, Verizon’s succession planning, neurodiverse talent, and the fractional CHRO.

  1. How to Fill Competitive Roles Without Breaking Pay Guidelines | Gartner | Explores approaches for hiring managers to fill competitive roles without surpassing pay guidelines.
  2. Use GenAI to Improve Scenario Planning | Harvard Business Review | Share ideas on how GenAI can be used to support three stages of scenario planning—an important component of workforce planning.
  3. Case Study: Verizon’s Data-Driven Succession Planning | CNBC WEC Summit | In this 20-minute discussion, Christina Schelling, Verizon SVP and Chief Talent & Diversity Officer, shares how the company revamped its succession planning process with a data-driven strategy.
  4. Building the Neurodiversity Talent Pipeline for the Future of Work | MIT Sloan Management Review | Shares how labor market shortages can be partly addressed by recruiting neurodivergent talent.
  5. 15 Ways Fractional CHROs Can Help You Achieve Company Goals | Forbes Human Resources Council | Highlights the value fractional CHROs can bring in driving organizational success, especially for start-ups. I share bonus resources for CHROs.

Also included are the 2023 Job Cuts and Layoff Tracker, Chief HR Officer Hire of the week, and more!

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