Template for Evaluating AI in HR Use Cases Based on Impact and Feasibility | Brian Heger

HR Effectiveness

Did you miss the latest issue of Talent Edge Weekly? In case you did, here it is!  It covers: AI in HR , removing years of experience requirements from job advertisements, contingent workforce, succession planning, and CHRO appointments.

AI continues to show much potential for helping to unlock capacity within the HR function. According to a BCG analysis, AI can potentially help boost HR productivity across the HR value chain by up to 30 percent. To tap AI’s potential, HR practitioners must critically evaluate which AI in HR use cases to experiment with to deliver new forms of value to organizational stakeholders. Here is my new editable one-page template that can be used to help HR teams generate ideas on this topic. Before using the template, identify the business problem(s) you are trying to solve. Then, use the template to think through how AI in HR can address those issues: 1) HR Area. Use the drop-down menu to categorize the HR area to explore, such as talent acquisition, talent management, etc. 2) Use Case. Type in the use case you are considering (e.g., job description generation) for the HR area. 3) Impact and Feasibility. Rate the use case’s overall business impact (e.g., organizational efficiency) and feasibility (e.g., level of change). You can further define impact and feasibility to your liking. 4) Potential Next Step. Based on your assessment (the color coding should help to interpret your assessment across the use cases), generate ideas on the near-term next steps for areas you want to pursue. While there is more to AI in HR use case evaluation than listed here, this worksheet can help spark some initial thoughts.