The Organization of the Future: Enabled by Gen AI, Driven by People | McKinsey

Workforce Trends

As business leaders seek to tap Gen AI’s potential in the workplace while mitigating risks, this new McKinsey article offers valuable insights. It urges leaders to take a comprehensive view of how Gen AI integration can impact daily business operations and the workforce by asking questions, such as: What are the organizational implications of Gen AI? (e.g., use cases, necessary changes for enablement, and effects on ways of working). Does the organization have the appropriate technical talent and risk infrastructure in place? How can corporate culture facilitate or hinder the adoption and usage of Gen AI? How should organizations modify their talent management approaches due to Gen AI?  Regarding use cases, the authors recommend: a) identifying two or three high-impact use cases for Gen AI implementation, b) starting with these selected use cases to initiate Gen AI pilots, c) thoroughly evaluating and investing in Gen AI pilots with the potential for scalability and long-term value, and d) going big on the most promising cases. For additional insights, check out McKinsey’s article, Four Essential Questions for Boards to Ask About Generative AI, and The Conference Board’s, A Simplified Guide to How AI Works, which provides insights into AI’s fundamental components.