Superhuman Resources: How HR Leaders Have Redefined Their C-suite Role | strategy + business

HR Effectiveness

Chief human resources officers (CHROs) are at the forefront in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. And as CHROs continue to address unprecedented challenges that are coinciding at scale, it raises the question: What sets the great CHROs apart as they help their organizations convert these challenges into opportunities for improving work, the workplace, worker experience and business results? This article identifies five priorities that establish new benchmarks for the changing CHRO role. It looked at the performance of CHROs in today’s corporations using interviews with leading practitioners from top organizations, including Chevron, Clorox, General Electric, IBM, and Symantec. Priority 1:Put strategy first, function second. Priority 2: Optimize the organization, not just processes. Priority 3: Bring a viewpoint to the boardroom. Priority 4: View culture as a business driver. Priority 5: Model leadership excellence. The five priorities “serve as a solid starting point for constructive conversations among HR executives, CEOs, and board directors.” CHROs should also check out Marc Effron’s and Jim Shanley’s article, The CHRO’s Team: What Matters Most – which helps CHROs determine if they have an all-star HR team.

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